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Digital Gallery User Guide

The UC Berkeley Digital Gallery allows users on and off campus to find and share digital assets in many formats. While its primary use is for still images, it also can organize videos, audio files, desktop publishing and office suite files, and a variety of other formats. It is powered by WebDAM, a digital asset management service that also partners with several other UC campuses, UCOP and LBNL.

Guest or registered user?

Any visitor can use the UC Berkeley Digital Gallery to find images and other files from across campus. However, registered gallery users have a higher level of access, including the ability to see restricted folders, download files directly, save multiple lightboxes, and collaborate with other users. To sign in, click Log In at top right and choose the proper login path: CalNet Authentication Service icon (right) for members of the UC Berkeley community, or Registered User form (left) for off-campus users.

The first time you log into the gallery using CalNet credentials, you will have limited access to some of its files and features (the same access level as an unregistered guest). However, as soon as gallery administrators have configured and activated your new account, you will gain access to the full set of folders and tools available to campus users; you’ll receive an email notice when your account is activated.

If you need an account but do not have a CalNet login, click the Register Now link below the Registered Users login box, and fill in the form to request an account. A gallery administrator will act on your request within 1-2 business days.

Finding files

You can browse through the gallery by folder, or search for files matching keywords, dates, creator or other terms.

To browse: Click the Folders link in the toolbar, or choose a folder in the Browse Folders section of the left sidebar on the Home or Folders pages.  You can continue to drill down through nested folders until you reach the level you seek. Click on a thumbnail image to see a larger, watermarked version of the file plus its metadata.

To search: Using the search box in the left sidebar (Home and Folders pages), you can search for a word or phrase in all metadata fields throughout the gallery, or limit your search to a single field. For more extensive search options, click the Search button in the toolbar to open the Power Search page. Here you can limit your search to a date range, size, location, orientation, etc.  From either search box, click on the question-mark icon after the Enter search terms: field for a popup list of search tips to refine your search.

Folder permissions: Not all gallery visitors can see all folders or files; some folders are visible only to certain groups of logged-in users. Files in folders you do not have permission to see will not show up in your search results, and cannot be shared via lightbox, FTP or email.

Viewing files

Once you locate the file(s) you’re interested in, you can click on a thumbnail image to see a larger version. Still images will be watermarked in detail view to prevent unauthorized copying; watermarks will be removed on downloaded versions.

Multimedia: The detail view of video and audio files includes a player that allows you to watch and/or listen to the files from within the gallery, so you can make sure you have the right one before you download it or add it to a lightbox.

Desktop publishing/Office files: Files from the Adobe CS and Microsoft Office suites display only as a program-specific icon, without a preview of the actual file. You’ll need to rely on metadata supplied with the file for any details.

PowerPoint & PDF:  WebDAM now includes a tool that lets you not just see a thumbnail image of the first slide or page, but actually flip through the full PPT presentation or PDF document. You can scale the view up or down, use multi-page layouts, even run a PPT presentation full-screen from within the gallery. (No need for PowerPoint or Acrobat to be installed on your computer, just a live web connection to the gallery.) This functionality is available for any PowerPoint or PDF file in the gallery to which you have download access.


Lightboxes are a way to select, save and share a set of files within the gallery. All visitors can create a temporary lightbox as they browse or search the gallery; registered users who sign in can create and save multiple lightboxes to share with different colleagues for different projects.

You create a new lightbox by adding one or more files to it, using the gridlike Add to lightbox icon below small thumbnails in gallery view, or in the right sidebar in file detail view. (If you’re a logged-in user with multiple lightboxes, the file(s) will be added to your active lightbox. You can make a different lightbox your active selection by viewing the desired lightbox and clicking the ACTIVE link at the top.) The status toolbar at the bottom left of the gallery window shows which lightbox is active, how many files it contains, and includes a shortcut to download all files in the lightbox.

To view the contents of your lightbox(es), click on Lightbox in the toolbar to open your active lightbox.  Here you’ll have a set of action options in the left sidebar (limited options for guests), as well as the ability to view details of individual files, or to remove files from the lightbox (checkmark icon). If you’re a logged-in user, you can edit the lightbox to give it a name, description or notes, share or copy the lightbox, download or FTP the files in the lightbox, print a contact sheet (with or without metadata displayed) or watch or unwatch its contents (see Notifications, below).

Sharing a lightbox: If you are a logged-in user, you can let other gallery users to see the contents of your lightbox, and even allow them to add or remove files.  Click the Share this Lightbox with others link in the left sidebar’s Lightbox Options, and then in the Share with: field provide the email address(es) of those Digital Gallery users with whom you want to collaborate. You can also include an explanatory message if you like. If you want the additional users to be able to modify the contents of the lightbox, check the permissions box. When you click Share, an email will be sent to your chosen user(s) letting them know you have shared the lightbox, and giving them a link to connect to it. (Note: If you share with an email address that doesn’t already have a Digital Gallery user account, that person will instead receive an email inviting them to register with the gallery.)

Downloading files

Downloading permissions vary by folder within the gallery. Any guest or logged-in user can download a file from the Public folder by clicking the Download button to the right of the large preview image. If you are logged in as a campus user, you will also be able to download files from the Campus folder. In other cases (guests in the Campus folder, registered campus users in the Restricted folder), you will not be able to directly download files, but you can use the Request Download button to ask for permission to download a file. Such requests are sent to the gallery administrators, who will act on them within 1-2 business days.

Lightbox downloads: If you have placed files to which you have download rights into a lightbox, you can download all of the files at one time, as a .ZIP file. Alternatively, you can send the files to an FTP server on another computer if you have the proper credentials. Links for both of these export options are in the lightbox sidebar.

Download sizes: By default, you can download a full-resolution copy of the original file. However, the gallery has the ability to resize and reformat files as part of the download process. If your department routinely uses images in a particular size and file format, you can ask the gallery administrator ( to create a download preset for your group with these specifications. Or you can ask the administrator to set your account up to create custom download size/file type combinations on the fly.

File formats: Many images in the gallery are saved in their original digital raw format (.NEF, .CRW, .DNG). If you are unable to work with raw files, you can choose Full-size JPEG instead of Original File under Download Size to get a high-resolution JPEG file (logged-in users only).


Registered users will receive a notification via popup or email when certain events occur, including:

  • When a file they uploaded is moved, changed or deleted
  • When files are added to or removed from a folder or lightbox they are watching (to turn on watching for a folder, click the Watch link at the top right of the folder’s index page)
  • When a lightbox is shared with them
  • When a lightbox they own is shared or updated
  • When downloads are complete

Notifications show up at the right end of the bottom status toolbar; an orange bell indicates a new notification is waiting for you. You can manage the notification preferences for your account by clicking on the bell, choosing View all, and then clicking Change settings.

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